What makes a productive meeting room?

by | Sep 13, 2022

In order to have a productive meeting, you need to ensure your attendees are comfortable. This means taking into account the meeting room space and making sure it accommodates everyone.


If you are a business owner, you know that meeting rooms are essential for getting work done. But what makes a meeting room productive? In this blog post, we’ll share some tips to help make your meeting space more efficient and productive. Let’s take a look.


Colours: the right colour can change the mood of any space. Dark colours can make people feel sleepy, while light neutrals produce an airy vibe. DId you know a light coloured room helps oxygen flow throughout your body – which is helpful when you’re stressed out! In addition, green has been shown to help manage stress and increase creativity levels. Which may explain our lime green wall in The Paddock meeting space.


Colour schemes – remember, dark colours to tone down the energy and light colours to energize!


Lighting: the meeting room is a place where business meets culture. It should be bright and fun, not dark or dimmed out – this will have an adverse effect on your employees’ energy levels and cognitive ability. A common problem the UK experiences is seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which causes depression during winter months when there is less sunlight outside than usual. This can affect employee productivity. This is why you want to ensure you are working in a bright and colourful meeting space!


No clutter: As they say, “messy room, messy mind”. Jackets and bags next to seats, wires up and down the table, distracting wall-art and unnecessary equipment – it all needs to go! Your meeting space should be a clean, minimalist space allowing your mind to focus on what is essential.


Layout: sticking to a traditional meeting room layout might not benefit your attendees focus. You should consider keeping the space flexible. There are many layouts to choose from.


    U-shape: You often see this style used for small/mid-size meetings. This layout allows the speaker to move around the room easily and interact with attendees. This style is best suited for group engagement.

    Classroom: If you’re planning a workshop event or training event this would be the best suited layout. The classroom layout allows for better productivity during events where attendees are using personal tech devices.

    Theatre: seats are set up in rows, which can increase attendee space. Often used for conferences, seminars, etc. where people are mostly listening and not taking notes.


Seating: Sitting for a long period during meetings can get uncomfortable, so you want to ensure your meeting space provides comfy chairs. Meeting room chairs should be durable, yet attractive. Look for chairs that are ergonomically correct. wheels and swivel chairs are a good option, as they allow people to make a bit of movement —don’t forget to keep in mind that the chairs should include a decent back support.


If you are looking to book a meeting space that will help your attendees be as productive as possible, we have the perfect solution for you. Our spaces are filled with colour, have bright lighting, and boast minimalist designs to ensure everyone is comfortable. Are you ready to book your productive meeting space? Contact us today!

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