Top 10 reasons working in an office is better than working from home

by Ross Cheeseright

1. Temptation

If you’re anything like me, then working from home means that you’re surrounded by temptation.

There is always something in your home that can draw your attention – for me, it’s the fact that I can just take a quick break from what I’m doing to get something done at home that I’ve been putting off — Which is usually laundry.

For other people, it’s the temptation to put the telly on and watch a little bit – or load up some video-games and just play a little bit – and that can often span into a big old waste of time. Unless you have really taken the time out to compartmentalise your working environment at home, then you’re going to be drawn to temptations.

With a dedicated office, you’re able to go in and be faced with the tools that you need to do your job without all of the distractions that can go along with it.

2. Snacking

Working from home? For some people, it’s more like working from the pantry. This could sit within the first point – but it’s so important, I wanted to give it a point of its own.

If you’re working from home you have unfetted access to your snacks and people often find that they are reaching for the cookie jar for another little pick-me-up, rather than a productive afternoon.

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